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About Us

Hardman Drilling was founded in 1964 by Robert Hardman. It was originally known as Bob Hardman's pump and softener service. Starting with little more than a pickup truck and a toolbox, a wife who was willing to go to work in a bank to support the fledgling company, the net profit from the first year's receipts was somewhere around $8.00. Not one to give up and "just go get another job", Robert perservered in his desire to work for himself. As the years went along, and the business grew, more equipment was added as were more services. Water heaters, sump pumps, submersible and jet well pumps, pressure tanks, and water softeners were sold and serviced.

With a young son growing up in the business, Robert felt the need to add another service. Water well drilling. In 1973 the first drilling rig was purchased, a Bucyrus-Erie 22W cable tool rig. To promote the new aspect of the business, the name was changed to Hardman Drilling. When Robert's son Jeff would come home from school, a full days work had already been done by Robert ,servicing pumps, water softeners,ect. The trucks were readied, and at 3 in the afternoon, with Jeff running the drilling rig, and Robert the helper, they would work many an evening until 10 o'clock.

Also in 1973, Robert's second son, Scott, came along. The business continued to grow, along with a backlog of work. In 1983, the decision was made to purchase a faster drilling rig, this time, a rotary. Soon this rig wasn't getting around fast enough to service the customers. So, in 1992, a faster, bigger rotary was purchased. Scott, too, grew up in the business, helping after school until graduation in 1991, when he came on full time in the business. By 1998, Jeff had been running a drilling rig since he was 16 years old, and had 25 years of drilling experience. Scott had been the ever present helper, and the decision was made for Jeff to take over the overall management of the company, and Scott to run the Drilling end of the business.

Robert moved to inventory, purchasing, and doing pretty much what he wants. He is enjoyng his semi-retirement and his 3 grandchildren. (All girls). All three spouses are involved in the business. Arline (Robert's wife), Lora, (Jeff's wife), and Diane (Scott's wife). More to come................